LNG and CNG are genuine alternatives.

CRYOTEC has developed intelligent, versatile plants for producing LNG and CNG. Each CRYOTEC plant is tailor-made, and can be equipped for various treatment processes according to the quality of the raw gas. CNG is mainly obtained by compressing pipeline gas, or regasifying and then compressing LNG. It is used as fuel in vehicles, such as taxis and buses. LNG is used as a fuel for trucks and buses, and ever more frequently as the gas supplying industries and regions where there is no adequate pipeline supply.

CRYOTEC constructs liquefaction plants that produce LNG. The LNG is then fed to satellite stations, where, depending on the application, the gas is regasified and fed into the local networks. Filling station systems can also make the gas available as fuel in the form of LNG or CNG.

The uses of LNG include:

  • Generating heat and power for local customers
  • For regasification in satellite stations, and feeding into local gas networks
  • For power generation in satellite stations
  • In stations for refuelling trucks, cars, buses, etc. with CNG at up to 300 bar and LNG at up to 18 bar(g)

The liquefied gas can be easily transported to consumers by truck, rail or ship. After regasification in satellite stations, the natural gas can be fed into new or existing networks. CRYOTEC offers filling stations equipped with the appropriate fuel pumps for LNG and CNG.

The advantages are obvious, even remote regions can be supplied with natural gas.

The system also allows natural gas to be stored, and made available when gas consumption increases during peak periods.    

Local gas networks

LNG can be stored in liquid gas tanks, from which it is immediately available as a gas reserve or to cover periods of peak consumption (peak shaving).

These local gas networks are an alternative to high-pressure pipelines. The gas can be transported to the storage tanks by truck, container trailers, rail and ship.

  • Satellite terminals for a decentralized natural gas supply to industrial plants and small end consumers
  • Fuel – natural gas filling stations, electricity generation in block-type thermal power stations, and for generating heat for industrial plants.

Filling stations for LNG and CNG:

LNG and CNG fuel ready for distribution to

  • Local customers for heat and power generation
  • LPG (as an additional product) filling stations for trucks, cars, buses etc.
  • For company-internal filling stations
  • For company-internal heat and power generation

EPC Exclusives

Containerized structure (plug&play)

Installation and connection: The "plug & play" principle is the method we use to manufacture, assemble and commission plants. The modular structure of the plants and the guidance provided by experienced assembly supervisors ensure that assembly and commissioning are completed on the customer's premises in the shortest possible time. Our services naturally also include training and instructing the operating personnel on site, and remote monitoring of the plant.

In-house production facilities and end-to-end quality control

After we have calculated and designed all the components, our specialists construct them in our production facilities. In this way, we guarantee the high standard of quality of our plants. The production process is subject to continuous checks, from the time the goods arrive right through to shipping and final installation.

Tailor-made plant design at the customer's request

It is a special challenge for CRYOTEC when standard plants do not meet the requirements. We develop tailor-made technical process solutions specifically for our customers, even for complex problems. We have a competent Process Department for this task that comes up with innovative ideas to create an optimal plant configuration with the best possible price-performance ratio, even for special cases.

3D modeling

This gives our customers the opportunity of seeing the structural layout of the solution in the overall complex before the plant is delivered. Our own process engineers develop and optimize the processes. The use of the latest CAD software creates a simulated 3D view of your CRYOTEC plant in the computer before construction starts. Structural and infrastructural measures are also planned in advance in this way.

Spare and wearing parts remain available for many years

Regular maintenance and inspection considerably lengthen the service life of your CRYOTEC plant. We therefore stock large quantities of original, spare and wearing parts in our warehouse. Some spare and wearing parts are still available for plants that are more than 20 years old.