For purest applications.

Cryogenic air separation plants have been in use worldwide for many years. These plants produce liquid and/or gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and argon. The pure products are obtained from atmospheric air by means of a low temperature rectification process. The substances produced have high purity, and are used in many different ways in industry and medicine.

Plants from CRYOTEC fulfill all the high requirements placed upon modern air separation plants. Plants from CRYOTEC can guarantee to supply a continuous gas demand for high purity gas of up to 10,000 Nm3 per hour and beyond. Depending on the design, the liquid gas stored in the tanks can act as a back-up, and ensure the gas supply in the event of a power cut. 


There is a wide range of applications for the ultrapure gas. As well as the many and varied industrial applications, such as in steel production, glass manufacture and the chemical industry, oxygen is also used in medicine.

In liquid form, it can be transported easily and cheaply. A system of deposits on the oxygen bottles has established itself in hospitals. In certain cases, the oxygen is generated directly. Respirators and oxygen bottles are indispensable for the life-saving stabilization of patients in emergency cases in modern accident medicine.

And the gas also helps in all cases in which the body is not supplied with sufficient oxygen. Heart diseases, malassimilation, vein occlusions, and poisoning are treated with pure oxygen.

Not only doctors, but also athletes, such as extreme mountaineers, need oxygen bottles to compensate for a lack of oxygen. A continuous undersupply can lead to unconsciousness, and life-threatening situations at high altitudes.

There are other interesting applications in waste water treatment and fish farming. High-quality fish stocks grow and thrive best in an oxygen-enriched fish-breeding tank.


Nitrogen is required in many areas.

Pure nitrogen benefits people in many fields of life. It is a universal "helper" in industry in both gaseous and liquid forms. Its fields of application include not only the chemical and food industries, but also the petrochemical industry.

Pure, gaseous nitrogen acts as a protective gas in thermal processes, a sealing gas in tank storage facilities, and for inertization in technical plants. Among other things, it is used for cold branding, deburring plastics, press fits, and as an inert gas. Foods packed in a nitrogen atmosphere have a longer shelf life.

Liquid nitrogen is used in the pharmaceutical industry, biology and medicine. Liquid nitrogen can also be used to remove unsightly and possibly malignant skin changes, such as warts.

 Liquid nitrogen is also used in nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers and tomographs, for storing blood and tissue samples, and for the conservation of sperm for artificial insemination.


Argon (Ar) is a colorless, odorless, inert, monatomic gas. It is the most common inert gas in the earth's atmosphere. There are many different applications for argon.

Argon is primarily used as an inert gas. It is used in high-temperature applications, as well as in welding aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium alloys in the semi-conductor and solar industries.

Argon is also used in the analysis of the composition of metallic alloys, water (pollution and drinking water quality), fuels (determination of foreign substances), food (beverages, preserves etc.), cement, stones, sediments, other geological materials, as well as biological samples (toxicological analyses).

Argon is also used in the manufacture of double glazing to improve the insulation properties of sealed double glazing units.

PSA plants

Short travelling time. Easy start up.

In pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plants, the individual gases present in atmospheric air are differentially adsorbed on the very large internal surfaces of the adsorbent.

The plants are designed for fully automatic operation. The products become available a few minutes after the plants have been started up. The advantages of CRYOTEC oxygen and nitrogen PSA plants are their low investment and operating costs, thanks to their very simple operation and maintenance.

The simple start up together with the minimal effort required to operate and monitor PSA plants enable oxygen and nitrogen to be generated cost-effectively on site.

Membrane plants

Membrane plants are used to generate oxygen from atmospheric air. 

Membrane plants are used in widely differing locations, such as oil fields in the desert and on platforms in the sea, because they are robust, reliable and have low wear. This keeps the operator's investment and operating costs down.

The membrane process utilizes the differential diffusion speeds of the air gases through a hollow-fibre membrane. The atmospheric air is filtered, compressed to the desired pressure, dried, and then fed through a membrane module.

The advantages of CRYOTEC membrane plants are their low operating costs, high reliability, and the versatility of their equipment.

Mobile LOX / LIN

Mobile LOX / LIN plants are flexible in use, robust, and very space-saving.

Ingenious solutions are required for short-term jobs, as well as in poorly accessible areas of South America, Siberia, and similar places around the world. CRYOTEC has designed a mobile LOX / LIN-plant for these special requirements that produce liquid oxygen and nitrogen by the low temperature rectification process. The plant is installed in two transportable containers. It does not weigh more than 20 tons, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and so ideally suited for air transport.

Everything is provided in two modules: air compressor, cooling and purification system, cold box with low temperature heat exchanger, rectification system, turbine and LOX / LIN tanks. The plant is also equipped with LOX / LIN pumps, evaporators, and a high-pressure unit for filling bottles with gaseous oxygen and nitrogen.

EPC Exclusives

Containerized structure (plug&play)

Installation and connection: The "plug & play" principle is the method we use to manufacture, assemble and commission plants. The modular structure of the plants and the guidance provided by experienced assembly supervisors ensure that assembly and commissioning are completed on the customer's premises in the shortest possible time. Our services naturally also include training and instructing the operating personnel on site, and remote monitoring of the plant.

In-house production facilities and end-to-end quality control

After we have calculated and designed all the components, our specialists construct them in our production facilities. In this way, we guarantee the high standard of quality of our plants. The production process is subject to continuous checks, from the time the goods arrive right through to shipping and final installation.

Tailor-made plant design at the customer's request

It is a special challenge for CRYOTEC when standard plants do not meet the requirements. We develop tailor-made technical process solutions specifically for our customers, even for complex problems. We have a competent Process Department for this task that comes up with innovative ideas to create an optimal plant configuration with the best possible price-performance ratio, even for special cases.

3D modeling

This gives our customers the opportunity of seeing the structural layout of the solution in the overall complex before the plant is delivered. Our own process engineers develop and optimize the processes. The use of the latest CAD software creates a simulated 3D view of your CRYOTEC plant in the computer before construction starts. Structural and infrastructural measures are also planned in advance in this way.

Spare and wearing parts remain available for many years

Regular maintenance and inspection considerably lengthen the service life of your CRYOTEC plant. We therefore stock large quantities of original, spare and wearing parts in our warehouse. Some spare and wearing parts are still available for plants that are more than 20 years old.