Carbon Dioxide Technologies & Applications

General Information about our Carbon Dioxide Plants

CO2 recovery, purification and / or liquefaction plants provide the most efficient way for availabilty of carbon dioxide for usage in breweries, chemical plants or dry ice production. 


Overview of the advantages:

  • Most economical method to produce / to recover high-purity, food grade CO2 for beverage and food industry
  • Designed for full automatic operation
  • Require only a minimum of operating costs
  • Containerized and assembled on skids as far as possible – plug and play for easy on-site installation and start-up
  • Individual solutions for each specific requirement
  • After-Sales-Services



Carbon Dioxide finds Multiple Applications

  • for Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • as Extracting Agent for the Extraction of Essential Oils
  • as Refrigerant Agent
  • CO2 and Potable Water Technology, Sea Water Desalination as Solvent of Minerals
  • as Shielding Gas for Welding
  • and many more



Dry Ice Production

  • CO2 as Dry-ice Pellets used in Dry Ice Blasting – a Non-Abrasive Cleaning Technology
  • Dry Ice Production for Food Applications
  • Catering Configuration for: Airports, Railway Companies, Large Events

In the Food & Beverage Industry

  • for sparkling beverages
  • for packaging of food under protective gas atmosphere
  • for greenhouses, used as fertilizer for enhancement of production
  • food grade quality acc. to EIGA standard or COCA-COLA standard


For Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Fighting Systems

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EPC Exclusives

Containerized structure (plug&play)

Installation and connection: The "plug & play" principle is the method we use to manufacture, assemble and commission plants. The modular structure of the plants and the guidance provided by experienced assembly supervisors ensure that assembly and commissioning are completed on the customer's premises in the shortest possible time. Our services naturally also include training and instructing the operating personnel on site, and remote monitoring of the plant.

In-house production facilities and end-to-end quality control

After we have calculated and designed all the components, our specialists construct them in our production facilities. In this way, we guarantee the high standard of quality of our plants. The production process is subject to continuous checks, from the time the goods arrive right through to shipping and final installation.

Tailor-made plant design at the customer's request

It is a special challenge for CRYOTEC when standard plants do not meet the requirements. We develop tailor-made technical process solutions specifically for our customers, even for complex problems. We have a competent Process Department for this task that comes up with innovative ideas to create an optimal plant configuration with the best possible price-performance ratio, even for special cases.

3D modeling

This gives our customers the opportunity of seeing the structural layout of the solution in the overall complex before the plant is delivered. Our own process engineers develop and optimize the processes. The use of the latest CAD software creates a simulated 3D view of your CRYOTEC plant in the computer before construction starts. Structural and infrastructural measures are also planned in advance in this way.

Spare and wearing parts remain available for many years

Regular maintenance and inspection considerably lengthen the service life of your CRYOTEC plant. We therefore stock large quantities of original, spare and wearing parts in our warehouse. Some spare and wearing parts are still available for plants that are more than 20 years old.