Petrochemical industry giant Shell relies on technology and know-how from EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH: With the production of polycarbonate, the company expands its product portfolio based on the EPC variPLANT® technology

EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH is further expanding its position as market leader in the production of phosgene-free polycarbonate. Shell Chemicals, one of the largest petrochemical enterprises in the world, now also relies on the patented and renowned variPLANT® technology of the Thuringian company.

Shell is expanding its product portfolio as part of its growth strategy and will be producing phosgene-free polycarbonate in the near future.  For this purpose, plants are to be built worldwide, and these will be equipped with variPLANT® technology from EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH.  The variPLANT® technology allows the simultaneous production of different types of phosgene-free polycarbonate - a decisive competitive advantage that enables the company to react quickly and flexibly to market requirements.

"We are proud to provide Shell, yet another renowned licensee, with our technology and to support the company in the implementation and production of their new products," explains Tim Henkel, Managing Director of EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH. "This is again proof for the potential of our technologies and the trust we enjoy with our customers and partners worldwide".

According to Shell, the first large-scale production plant for polycarbonate is to be located in the chemical complex of the joint venture with CNOOC Oil & Petrochemicals Co Ltd (CNOOC and Shell Petrochemical Company CSPC) in Huizhou, China. Shell has also begun setting up a PC development unit at its chemical plant on Jurong Island in Singapore, also using variPLANT® technology from EPC Engineering & Technologies.