Sustainability & Circular Economy – more than ‘Buzz’ Words! Karol Kerrane talks at ChemTECH World Expo 2019 in India

Sustainability promotes success: For the German family-owned business EPC Group, this is a proven fact that has been demonstrated though years of entrepreneurial tradition. Mr. Karol Kerrane, Head of Technology Licensing and Business Development at EPC Group attended the ChemTECH World Expo 2019 in Mumbai, India, where he was invited to join a panel of experts to discuss the topic of ‘Sustainability and Circular Economy’. The panel included leading technology experts, strategists and CEOs from some of Asia's most renowned companies.

During the panel discussion Karol Kerrane used the opportunity to share his thoughts on the topic of achieving ‘Sustainability & Circular Economy’ within the design of industrial facilities. He stressed that although these buzz words have come to the fore during recent years, the concept of sustainability has always been an integral part of German engineering design philosophy.

Sustainability can increase plant efficiency and economic performance.

“Sustainability embraces more than just environmental issues. In addition, a successful concept needs to be both technically feasible and economically viable. For ‘true’ sustainability to be achieved a balance between technical, economic & environmental feasibility is required,” says Karol Kerrane. He has then shared examples of international projects completed by EPC Group that have successfully achieved the sustainable balance such as capturing Carbon Dioxide from industrial gaseous emissions.

 “For any industrial design concept, all by-products including solid, liquid and gaseous emissions should be analysed to identify the feasibility of recovering by-products. This will optimise overall efficiency and return of investment,” he continued. EPC Group can offer expertise and support to companies wishing to quickly assess feasibility of implementing similar concepts.

A paradigm shift has brought exciting chances for the industry.

Taking a wider view on the concept of Circular Economy, Karol drew attention to the paradigm shift that we are experiencing regarding the attitude towards single-use ‘throw-away’ plastic products; “Consider the cost of a barrel of oil! Consider the energy required in refining, processing, and manufacturing to create a plastic spoon or coffee stirrer. It seems illogical to process a barrel of oil into a product that has a consumer life of a few seconds. As consumer expectations evolve, the market demand changes and subsequently industry needs to react and adjust to provide solutions that tick all the boxes.” EPC Group is continually engaged in innovative R&D and strives to develop technology solutions that will satisfy the market demand in an economical and environmental way.

In summation, Karol Kerrane noted that as India is set to embark on major investments in developing its petrochemical industry and many petrochemical companies are currently assessing potential technologies before selecting their downstream derivative product portfolio. Mr. Kerrane suggested that the timing is right in India and the nation is perfectly placed to embrace sustainability and incorporate clever design to implement and achieve ‘World’s Best Practice’.



About Karol Kerrane

Karol Kerrane comes from an environmental background and has been actively licensing process technologies for chemicals and petrochemical derivatives since joining EPC Group in 2011. He is head of technology licensing and business development at EPC Group.


About ChemTECHWorld Expo

In 2019 ChemTECH World Expo has taken place from 20 to 23 February 2019 in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1975 as a simple trade fair for the chemical industry. Since then, it has developed and established itself as the second largest global event for the chemical processing industry.

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