EPC GROUP – Polycarbonate Technology - World’s Best Practice INDIAN PETROCHEM 2019 – 21st International Conference

21st International INDIAN PETROCHEM Conference held in the Lalit Hotel in Mumbai on 14th & 15th November was a gathering of experts from the major players from India’s refining and petrochemical industry.

EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH were represented by Mr. Michael Streng and Mr. Karol Kerrane who presented a paper identifying the opportunities for polymers derivatives for the petrochemical industry in India.

India is about to commence a ‘petrochemical renaissance’ and an oasis of opportunity as the industry is challenged with satisfying the growing demand for polymers resulting from and population growth. (approximately 9% growth in demand for polymers per year over the past 5 years.)

The German technology company EPC is a leading licensor of ‘non-phosgene’ polycarbonate technology and is set to satisfy the local demand in India – India currently imports 100% of its polycarbonate resin requirements.

Mr. Kerrane also presented examples of how EPC Group has implemented circular economy into its design principles by optimizing the use of all waste and effluent streams.

‘Sustainable design is an integral part of our design philosophy and technological solutions such as CO2 recovery technology can be easily integrated into the polymer plant design to provide economic and environmental benefits.’

EPC is a German family-owned technology licensing company that offers technology licenses and all the engineering and technical assistance required for the successful start-up of industrial production plants.