Nadine Müller - Project Manager Process Engineering

Nadine Müller (Dipl.-Ing.) has been working at EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH since the beginning of 2012. At first she worked as a Project Engineer in the field of Process Engineering. Four years later, she already took on a leading position as Project Manager. She is responsible for food and biotechnology industries and for development, innovation and industrial projects.

What do you like most about your job?

Process Engineering covers a very wide range of different topics such as Process and Electrical Engineering, Plant Engineering and Construction, Technical Procurement and Acquisition. This makes my job very varied and versatile. There are always new challenges and opportunities to learn new things and to grow further.

Why did you chosse this career?

Even as a child I was interested in biological and chemical processes and I knew very early that I wanted to take up a scientific profession. My father worked as a quality manager in the field of electrical engineering and my grandfather was a designer in plant engineering. Both of them sometimes took me to work during my school break. I was very fascinated by the machinery and the production processes. This enthusiasm has not left me until today.

Have you ever been confronted with prejudices in your job? How did you deal with them?

Sometimes it happens that a woman is more questioned and criticized during conversations. But from my experience it is possible to convince in a male domain with performance and knowledge! I just stayed true to myself and didn't let myself get disturbed. This has always had an positive effect.

How do you generally see the chances for women who apply for jobs in a technical environment? What career opportunities do you see for them, especially in the engineering sector?

I think the career opportunities for women in the engineering industry are quite good. Highly-qualified specialists, especially in engineering, are urgently required – no matter whether male or female. I have also noticed that the number of women has increased over the past years. In my opinion, this is mainly due to the fact that the achievements of women in male-dominated industries are increasingly more accepted and recognized.

Which tips would you like to give prospective female engineers on their way?

They should stay courageous. Above all, they shall trust in their own abilities. Male colleagues who try to show off are best approached with composure and humor. Last but not least it’s important not to lose sight of one’s goals.