Retrofitting of a polymer piping system for Silon s.r.o. successfully completed despite challenging conditions within a very short time

The fact that specialists of EPC are solution-oriented and work closely with their clients is profoundly proven with the completion of the pipeline project for the Czech company Silon s.r.o.: This project involves the modification of a polyester (PET) polymer piping system from a final reactor to two spinning lines for staple fiber. Despite of the tight schedule, engineers working alongside the project manager Jörg Hamann and in close cooperation with the client succeeded in delivering the project in an extremely short time. Quick work was necessary as the client has existing purchase agreements for its yarns and the modification was crucial in increasing the quality of the product.

The short-term works was challenging because of the narrow installation areas and the new piping should be connected to the existing system. Furthermore, the modification works was carried out during ongoing production of the other production lines.

The modification work was nevertheless a success due to EPC’s close cooperation with the customer in addition to quick responses of EPC specialists in tackling obstacles, as summarized by the project manager Jörg Hamann. This success was also due to close contacts between EPC and its long-time suppliers who offer EPC preferential treatment and quick responses.

Right after the first order for the design of a PET melt pipe for a similar flexible production resonated with the customer and this resulted in a successful repeat order: "Clients gladly return to us, because we do not only offer first-class engineering, but have a thorough oversight throughout the duration of the project, to recognize areas where we can offer our assistance. As it turned out, the client had scheduling difficulties with local procurement of pipings, special components and pipe holder during the engineering phase. So we were approached to step in quickly to offer our assistance, which we gladly and swiftly did. This made sure that the client could fulfill its supply agreement in time, " said Hamann regarding the course of the project in retrospect.