We have the right Engineer to fit any Engineering challenge.

We have the right Engineer to fit any Engineering challenge. There are not many companies that can provide the full range of engineering services. EPC can, because no matter how specific the problem, we have the experts with the solution. We respond with agility to all of our customers ideas and needs. As incredible as it sounds, we have never said we couldn’t help a customer, because we have the right engineer for every engineering challenge. Try us.
“Our engineers combine extensive, specialist knowledge in all fields such as process design, pipeline construction and the construction of infrastructure. Through continuous development we are able to provide our customers with the best solutions for their needs.”

Dipl.-Ing. Jens Henkel, Managing Director

Engineering for all “life sections” of an investment project.

We make use of our experience and ideas for our customers’ benefit. We render all the services under one roof - so that you do not have any interface problems.

In the course of pre-engineering, basic engineering and detail engineering, we as general planners or as general contractors with the complete system delivery, offer you implementation of the complete project. If required, we also offer you individual services from our extensive portfolio.

Pre-engineering. At the beginning is the idea.

Exploring and portraying options and alternatives; finding the best suited method for the specific project, these are the tasks of process development within the framework of pre-engineering. This concept phase is an important foundation for the success of the project.

Quick technical progress demands efficient, reasonably priced and energy-saving applications and technologies. This is why the development of new processes, but also the optimization of existing processes is an important integral part of our field of activity.

Our experts from various areas of the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry set standards in the development and optimization of processes contributing to increasing profitability, increasing productivity and  reducing production costs.

As a prerequisite for successful process development, the substance and energy balances are calculated by our engineers on the basis of simulations (e.g. ChemCad), principal and subsidiary processes are simulated and after this a profitability observation is held in close coordination with our customer.

The documentation on pre-engineering is the basis for the production of the business plan and is also needed to clarify financing. For this, we are available to all our customers with all our experience as consultants in the project and export financing.

Selected Services

  • Definition of the task / preliminary remarks
  • Description of the process
  • Block diagram
  • Process flow charts
  • System capacities
  • Description of interfaces
  • Erection draft, layout concept
  • Production of an ideal layout
  • Logistics concept
  • Supply concept
  • Mass balance
  • Definition of the raw materials
  • If applicable, integration of the system into the overall complex
  • Definition of the tasks for further planning steps (incl. setting of responsibilities)

Basic Engineering. Foundation for your success.

The results of the concept phase are implemented into the planning of a specific project in basic engineering and thus the foundation for an efficient, future-safe and successful projecting of the system is created. The result is the so-called PID Scheme, a piping and instrumentation diagram, onto which detailed engineering can be implemented later.

Selected Services

  • Task and framework conditions
  • Chemical composition, material and energy balances
  • System parameters and implementation concept
  • Description of the process
  • Operating and monitoring
  • Equipment specification
  • Process flow charts, R&I
  • Layout concepts and plans
  • Pipe class definition
  • Safety observation HAZOP, FMEA
  • Cost plans and schedules

Detail Engineering. Jointly to the target.

The foundations defined in basic engineering are further refined in detail engineering. In close cooperation with our customers, we draw up the design of the overall system and the necessary subsidiary systems. Our customer-orientated way of working guarantees that your requirements are put into practice. The close cooperation with all the partners involved in the project optimizes the later implementation and the project term. 

  Selected Services

  • General detail engineering
  • Machine and apparatus engineering
  • Layout planning in 2D or 3D
  • Piping planning in 2D or 3D
  • Insulation and corrosion protection
  • Electrical planning
  • Planning of the instrumentation and control engineering
  • Programming of the controls and guidance engineering
  • Safety engineering

Authority engineering. All Approval Procedures under one roof.

As a rule, investments require official approval. Essentially, it is a question of putting the necessary approvals together and coordinating them with the responsible authorities.

In particular, approvals according to the Federal Emission Protection Act concentrate a number of requirements from environmental law; water law approvals, permission and authorizations are often to be applied for separately. In the run-up, the public law prerequisites are possibly checked and examined whether an approval is necessary for the planned project at the planned location.

For our customers, we take on tight organization of the approval procedure, coordinating the necessary documents with the competent authorities and drawing up the approval application. In this, we support the project sponsor in the classification of the approval processes and the assignment of the systems.

We produce applications for you and accompany the approval phase, amongst others for the following approval procedures:

  • Approval procedure according to Federal Emission Protection Act (BImSchG) and its ordinances (BImSchV)
  • Water-law approval procedures
  • Waste-law approval procedures
  • Construction and operation approval procedures according to State Construction Ordinance
  • Planning permission hearings
  • Environmental compatibility examinations / studies

Within the approval proceedings, all the relevant rules (e.g. Hazardous Incident Ordinance, Hazardous Substance Ordinance, Air Technical Instructions, Sound Technical Instructions, Odor Emission Guidelines etc.) are taken into due account, and, if necessary, included in the processing.

In particular systems requiring approval according to the 4th Federal Emission Protection Ordinance (4. BImSchV) are attended to by a work group created specifically created for this purpose in our company until commissioning. Over and above this, there are far-reaching contacts to the Lower and Upper Environmental and Construction Authorities specifically in the fields of

  • Emission protection
  • Watercourse protection
  • Waste
  • Nature protection
  • Construction

as well as experience in dealing with the implementation of state and federal laws and administrative rules and the submission of necessary approval applications.

Process engineering energy optimization

Process engineering energy optimization So that your ROI is noticeably faster. Here, existing industrial processes and systems are purposefully examined for potential savings. The analyses result in holistic scenarios for optimization of energy consumption. Saving on resources and energy costs are the result of measures with manageable efforts.

For example:

  • By de-coupling unused process heat for heating or cooling the building
  • Cost optimization by examination and assessment of the current energy account
  • Savings as a result of energy coaching for employees
  • Energetic assessment of production sequences, of supply systems, domestic engineering systems, subsidiary systems
  • Electrical systems
  • By examinations of load curves in the system process
  • Subsequent generation of electricity from waste heat with our ORC technology

An energetic assessment of the structures of your buildings is done by our engineers and construction planners. On this basis, we draw up measures for a better energy efficiency in devices of building technology.

For example:

  • Production of energy requirement and energy consumption certificates for buildings
  • Insulation measures
  • Ventilation systems
  • Room heating systems with dark emitters on a natural gas basis
  • Illumination systems