Solar - EPC polysilicon

Sun moves us - PolySi solutions

EPC and GEC start where it all begins – with the element silicon, as a natural resource of our planet earth. By an elaborate process, polycrystalline silicon (polysilicon) is generated, which is suitable for solar panel manufacturing with a purity of more than 99.9999 %. EPC and GEC are your unique partner for turnkey and functional package projects.

German Engineering, Technology and Equipment Deliveries

The unique approach for high quality and early start - up for complete PolySi-projects

EPC with its 200 engineers worldwide and more than 140 years of engineering tradition is well-known for high-quality processes and plants. EPC`s scope of engineering and delivery is TCS synthesis, vent-gas recovery systems, rectification units with its experts know-how as well as utility systems and infrastructure together with civil engineering of complete plants. Furthermore, EPC is a reliable, strong customer-oriented partner with clients in the solar industry from all over the world.

GEC as a consulting-/ engineering and vendor firm is a partner of EPC with the scope of CVD reactors and peripherals, hydrochlorination & hydrogenating conversion with experts know-how, analytics, filaments and polysilicon treatment. Established in 2001, GEC has already more than 160 reactors ordered by clients, more than 135 reactors are delivered and in operation. With the supplying equipment, they already produced several thousands of MT PolySi for clients in Germany, USA, Japan, China and India.

GEC Graeber Consultants GmbH