Polymers and Fibers

Polycarbonate production plants

Polycarbonate offers some excellent features, such as high stability and extreme rigidity and is resistant to a great extent against weather conditions and radiation. It is transparent and colourless. However, it can be coloured any shade. EPC offers the technology for polycarbonate chips production, but also in combination with the turnkey services for the required industrial plant.

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EPC PETvantage

Customer-specific, demand-based revamping/debottlenecking for maximising plant efficiency while simultaneously minimising upgrading costs and ensuring minimum downtime (max. 4 weeks) is the most cost-effective alternative to investing in a new plant. No intervention in the main reactors is necessary, which means that there is no patent or license violation by the operator. Typical capacity increases are of 150 to 400 t/d, 300 to 600 t/d, etc., depending on the basic design of the plant and the space it requires.


Operating software developed by EPC for fully automated plant operation and quality control for plants with the innovative EPC polyester process. This product can be used to compensate for quality variations of raw materials. In existing plants, the uniformity of end products is significantly improved. It is offered as a standalone product or in combination with PET Vantage.

EPC PAtraction

A powerful and cost-effective extraction process for polyamide. This extraction technology, which was developed and patented by EPC, uses nitrogen to reduce the extract water supply and to run the process with a higher extract concentration in the extract water. This reduces the cost of recovering the monomer and short-chain polymers in monomer recovery.

Polyamide is used in textiles and nylon, tyre cord, carpets and foils. It has a low density, a high melting and softening point and is flame retardant.