FlareRec cryogenic plants

It's so easy to protect the environment. Thanks to Cryotec.

With our innovative FlareRec process, you will not only dramatically reduce flare gas emissions, but will have recovered your investment after about four years. Your CO2 footprint and bank balance will also impress.

Profit maximisation and protection of the environment - FlareRec, the best way to utilise flare gas!

FlareRec lets you separate what is useful from the rest. And turn it into cash. With our own intelligent and flexible FlareRec process, elements such as flare gas and accompanying gases are not only stored and cleaned, but can also be used to generate electricity. The modular, solid construction of our plants is ideally suited for small, isolated crude oil wells.
FlareRec technology pays for itself after four years, depending on specific conditions. Your total CO2 emissions will benefit: reduced flare gas emissions mean that fewer natural resources are being burned and that the environment is thus being protected.
The FlareRec process can be used in a large number of scenarios: Emergency (fuel-based) generators - for times when there is no flare gas utilisation, it is possible to liquefy gas for external supplies (such as camps, gas bottling) via tankers and to take various other steps for separating products (such as CNG, LNG, LPG) from the flare gas.

Advantages of FlareRec

  • Sites have their own power supplies from flare gas
  • Procurement and transportation cost savings for the fuel for your generators
  • Power supplies available, even in very remote regions, without
    connection to a power grid - flare gas reduction
  • Using natural resources rather than destroying them
  • Improved overall CO2 balance
  • ROI is less than 4 years, depending on specific requirements