Process development

It starts with an Idea.

The fast technical progress requires efficient, cost and energy-saving processes. Therefore, the development of new processes, but also the optimization of existing processes is an important part of our services.

Our specialists from different fields of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry set standards in development and optimization of processes to:

  • Increase the economy
  • Increase the productivity and
  • Reduce production costs.

We implement your ideas in successful processes and products.

EPC holds own brand names and patents for several processes and plants. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with high-performance and innovative process providers and licensers in chemistry and foodstuff industry.

One condition for the successful development of processes is the calculation of material and energy balances, based on our engineers´simulations (e.g. in ChemCad program). Main and side processes are being simulated. Afterwards, a feasibility evaluation is performed by us, in close cooperation with our clients.