Engineering for authorities/approval procedures

Investments often require official approval. It is important to obtain the necessary approvals and link them to each other.

The Federal Pollution Control Act in particular has numerous requirements that concentrate on environmental legislation; water usage approvals, licenses and permits must often be applied for separately. The requirements of public authorities are initially examined and investigated to find out whether there is any prospect of approval at all for the planned project at the expected location.

We handle the approval process meticulously by preparing the specific requirements for discussions with the competent authorities and compiling the approval application.

We support the project promoter with the coordination of the approval process and the allocation of plants, the compilation of approval applications and in discussions with the competent authorities.

We compile applications and provide support during the approval phase, including the following approval procedures:

  • Approval under the Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG) and associated Regulations (BImSchV)
  • Water usage approval process
  • Waste permit approval process
  • Construction and operating approval procedure pursuant to the state building regulations
  • Planning procedures
  • Environmental impact assessments/studies

All relevant regulations (Major Accidents Ordinance, Clean Air Regulations, German Clean Air Act (TA Luft), Technical Instructions on Noise Abatement (TA Lärm), Odour Ambient Air Concentration Guideline, etc.) are taking into account and incorporated  into processes where necessary.

In particular, plants that require approval pursuant to the 4th Federal Pollution Control Regulation (4. BImSchV) are handled by our company, until commissioning, in a specially created working group.

We also have extensive contacts and experience in dealing with the lower and upper environmental and building authorities, particularly in the fields of

  • Emission protection
  • Water pollution control
  • Waste control
  • Nature conservation
  • Construction

for implementing state and federal laws, sub-legal regulations, as well as for submitting the required permit applications.