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Flyer EPC Portfolio:

EPC Portfolio

Flyer Cryotec Portfolio:

Cryotec Portfolio

Flyer Flare Gas:

FlareRec Flare Gas Utilisation Plants

Flyer Food Technologies:

Industrial Biotechnologies for Grain Processing

Flyer Polymerization plants:

PAN and carbon fiber production

Flyer Polycarbonate plants:

Polycarbonate production plants

Flyer Fiber and Filaments:


Flyer PA 6 and PA 6.6:

Production and processing - EPC PAtraction®

Flyer Polysilicon plants:

German Engineering, Technology and Equipment Deliveries

Flyer Glass Production

Cooperation EPC Group/ Schott

Flyer Special Chemistry:

Turnkey Plant Construction for Production of Chemical Products

Flyer Process and Building      
Equipment Energy

Possibilities and Approaches

Flyer Plant Modernization

EPC PETvantage Revamping